NGO’s, Non-Profits and the Environment

For the past 25 years, we have represented NGO’s, nonprofits & environmentally focused and sustainable programs to the media, so that their positive stories reach the widest possible audience:

  • Research and develop media opportunities
  • Manage all press rooms at media events
  • Prepare media materials for distribution
  • Personally invite the media
  • Coordinate publicity through media days
  • Design and produce private pre-publicity events that attract media to sponsors, and corporate customers
  • Educate both the client and the media on talking points
  • Work with media to develop out-of-the-box, unique stories on a personal level.
  • Full use of social media platforms
Kofi Annan

Nicholas School of the Environment

When asked to help publicize the sale of the 30-year-old, $1.2 million research vessel Cape Hatteras for Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment, we immediately began gathering all possible marine media worldwide. Following the initial press releases, the vessel attracted offers from as far afield as China and the Baltic States and sold in six weeks.

Cape Hatteras

Nobel Peace Concert

While carrying out PR on behalf of the Nobel Laureates, Peace Prize and Concert, we were informed that the camera crew and talent were held up in South Africa due to bad weather. Our job became to hire a local TV crew, write the interviews and interview Laureates including Lech Wałęsa (former President of Poland), Bishop Desmond Tutu and John Hume of Northern Ireland for the subsequent TV special.

As Vice President of Global Public Relations for IMG, Stuart Rowlands worked with the Nobel Peace Prize committee to coordinate the international publicity and on-site promotion of the Nobel awards to Secretary of the United Nations Kofi Annan and former American President Jimmy Carter.