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Bobby Rahal Explains Indy Car Racing

Bobby Rahal is one of America’s most successful racing car drivers. The winner of three Indy Car Championships (1986, 1987, 1992) and the 1986 Indianapolis 500, he is the perfect host for this classic 1986 video that takes us behind the scenes of this demanding sport.

Rahal explains the close relationship that must exist between the entire race team including the driver, crew chief and mechanics as they all pursue their dreams of winning races and ultimately, season long championships. This video also traces the history of the Indianapolis 500 through archive footage and discusses the technical development of the race cars themselves up and though the World War II culminating in the modern Indy Car. At the Mid-Ohio race track, Rahal gives a vivid demonstration of the power and road-holding of an Indy Car versus two street vehicles in a one lap challenge.

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Running Time: 27 minutes.

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Bobby Rahal Explains Indy Car Racing