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Formula One: Honda Marlboro McLaren

Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost

In 1989, World Champions Alain Prost (1985, 86, 89, 93) and Ayrton Senna (1988, 90, 91) take you inside the complex and dangerous world of Formula One with one of the most successful teams of all time: Honda/Marlboro/McLaren. Their personal descriptions of the tremendous physical and psychological demands will give you an appreciation of the pressures and intensity of this premier motorsport. With the help of Formula One guru and team manager Ron Dennis, we explore the complicated and expensive process which leads up to winning a Grand Prix.

We take you behind the scenes at the McLaren headquarters in England to view the technologically advanced design, engineering and construction of Honda’s innovative V10, plus a unique demonstration pitting Senna's F1 versus a street car car and a sports car. Finally we accompany the Honda/Marlboro/McLaren team to the 1989 Iceberg USA Grand Prix in Phoenix, Arizona where the team is rewarded once again for their massive efforts as Alain Prost takes the victory.

All DVDs in NTSC format.

Running Time: 51 minutes.

Formula One: Honda Marlboro McLaren