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SRPR Motorsports

Formula One Comparo

Michael Schumacher, Niki Lauda, Ayrton Senna and Mika Hakkinen won a total of 15 world championships between them. Taken from original SRPR Motorsports/Bedford productions, this video shows extraordinary demonstrations of the acceleration, speed and road holding of Ferrari, Honda, Peugeot and McLaren Formula Ones against the same era street vehicles, on the same tracks, at the same time. Filmed at Imola, Italy, Estoril, Portugal and Silverstone, England, this footage shows exactly how fast a modern day Formula One race car is and reintroduces us to Schumacher, Lauda, Senna and Hakkinen at the top of their game. In bonus footage Ferrari F1 teammates Michael Schumacher and Eddie Irvine (1996-99) are shown dicing around Imola in a rare display of follow my leader around this iconic racetrack.

All DVDs in NTSC format.

Running Time: 22 minutes.

Formula One: Honda Marlboro McLaren