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Formula One: Ayrton Senna

Chequered Flag to Green Light

Three time Formula One World Champion Niki Lauda shows us the incredible power and performance of his 1982 Formula One McLaren for this Francis Megahy directed exciting classic demonstration of a Formula One Grand Prix race car. To fully illustrate the Formula One’s speed and road-holding Megahy lines up the McLaren with a Ford Sierra driven by 1976 World Champion James Hunt and a Porsche 928 driven by 5 time Grand Prix winner John Watson at the 3 mile around Silverstone circuit in England. For this one lap challenge the Ford Sierra receives a 62 second start and the Porsche 928 gets another 30 second advantage but all to no avail as the Formula One catches and easily passes them in the chase back to the finish line.

During the film Lauda charts the development of the Formula One car and its incredible engine. He examines driving techniques and race strategies and takes us behind the scenes to the Porsche Engine Development Center, the McLaren factory and the pits. Lauda also explains his personal approach to racing in this high-tech sport.  

All DVDs in NTSC format.

Running Time: 51 minutes.


Formula One: Ayrton Senna