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Our Team

Stuart Rowlands Public Relations is a group effort, offering clients a great deal of experience, a secure hands-on approach and a personal touch. These qualities are important to successfully carrying out all phases of our clients’ assignments in public relations, publicity, crisis PR and event management. Based in Los Angeles, we have satellite offices in, Hollywood, CA, Indianapolis, IN, Beaufort, NC, and the Island of Cyprus.

Stuart Rowlands |  President/CEO (Los Angeles, CA)
Tel: +1 (323) 850-1088 | E: stuart@stuartrowlandspr.com

A native of Wales, Stuart Rowlands has vast experience in national and international public relations, publicity, and consulting. For more than 30 years, he has worked with major clients including the Nobel Institute, Nobel Peace Concert, IMG, The Quebec Ministry of Tourism, Ghana Government, Honda Racing Corporation, Colgate-Palmolive, Bridgestone, Lucas Oil, MAVTV television network, and in his earlier career, some of the larger riots in rock music concert history. He is also an avid documentary filmmaker (Motorsports Explained, ESPN) and writer for publications around the world.

Alastair Shearman Technology Director (Los Angeles, CA)
Tel: (323) 850-1088 C. 818 648-1390 E:

Alastair Shearman has overseen technology for Stuart Rowlands PR since 2013. His work includes technology review/research, social media, writing, and editing. Previously, he served as a technical coordinator helping to produce the first Renewable Energy Conference and Awards at the United Nations. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science from Columbia University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science, having majored in Environmental Engineering and a minor in Economics.

John C. Nelson |  East Coast Director (Beaufort, NC)
Tel: +1 (252) 725-0833 | E: john@stuartrowlandspr.com

John C. Nelson has over 30 years of public relations, marketing and special events publicity experience. He has hosted a US Presidential news conference for Gerald R. Ford and worked with American Honda, Bridgestone Tires, Miller Brewing Company, Paul Masson Vineyards and the US Ski Team Celebrity Invitational, Kenworth Trucks, RCA, The US Bureau of Land Management and others. Mr. Nelson’s close association with Stuart Rowlands Public Relations began in 1980. He currently serves as the firm’s East Coast Director.

Jim Short | Automotive/Sports Publicist (Hollywood, CA)
Tel: +1 (951) 203-784-1425 | E: jimshort65@sbcglobal.net

For more than 30 years Jim Short was the Motorsports Editor for the Riverside Press Enterprise newspaper and one of the top motorsports editors/writers in Southern California. He has covered almost every form of motor sports from local dirt short track, NASCAR, Formula One, Supercross, motocross off-road and Unlimited Hydroplanes plus tennis and golf. In addition to being affiliated with Stuart Rowlands Public Relations, Jim is a writer and publicist for the Lucas Oil Modifieds and Lucas Oil Off Road Racing series; freelance writer and editor.

Tony Christodoulou |  Chairman, Action Global Communications (Nicosia, Cyprus)
Tel: +357 2 2818884

Tony Christodoulou is the Chairman and Founder of one of the world’s most successful PR firms – Action Communications. A long time personal and family friend of Stuart Rowlands, we enjoy a 20-year consulting relationship encompassing, golf, motorsports, concert tours, real estate and other corporate events with the premier PR group in the world’s emerging markets. Action’s 44 offices are located throughout Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, The Middle East and the Eastern Mediterranean and their client list encompasses such icons as British Airways, Red Bull, Unilever and Microsoft to name a few.