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CONSULTING: As a Public Relations consultancy operating throughout the United States for more than 35 years, Stuart Rowlands PR has earned an enviable track record for providing positive results for our clients by raising their public profiles in their target markets. Through effecting positive exposure in major media outlets we can raise the profile of the corporation itself and/or focus on a key individual like the Founder, Chairman, or CEO. Ensuring flexibility with proper direction we work closely with our clients to reach their goals whether it is in Southern California or across the continental United States. If needed, we are also able to provide our entire range of PR services with key business contacts in Europe, Australasia and the Middle East. Please see Our Team for contacts.

IMAGE BUILDING: Stuart Rowlands PR raises the public awareness level of major personalities in many different worlds. We have been fortunate to represent many clients including:

  • Industry: Forrest Lucas, Mark McCormack, Otis Chandler, Chris Blackwell and John Crean.
  • Entertainment: Tom Jones, Rod Stewart, Jimmy Cliff and Spencer Davis.
  • Sports: Chris Evert, Greg Norman, Arnold Palmer, Nancy Lopez and Muhammad Ali.
  • Education: Nobel Peace Institute, Strike Out For Troops, Duke University Marine Laboratory.
  • Government: Ghana Export Board, Ghana Airlines and Quebec Ministry of Tourism.

PRESS: With over 35 years of hands-on public relations and publicity experience working in 18 countries, Stuart Rowlands PR has a unique perspective to meet our clients’ needs. We maintain in-depth relationships with a highly influential group of movers and shakers worldwide. In media alone, our databases are many thousands strong, both in the US and abroad, giving clients an extra edge into new markets. We are committed to bringing positive attention to our clients and having in-depth stories appear in multiple media outlets. We ensure the coverage is lasting and impactful to readers, viewers and listeners.

CRISIS PR: By anticipating crisis PR problems before they occur, we assist our clients in preserving their public reputation and employee morale. There are times however, when crises arise that require urgent on-the-spot action. Our response is based on our considerable experience and media connections gained through the years. Keeping specific cases or situations confidential, Stuart Rowlands PR has performed crisis PR duties for foundations, national and international corporations, as well as individuals.

EVENTS: We produce local, national and international events suited for the best media coverage. Our clients include IMG, Honda, Lucas Oil and The Nobel Institute, who trust us to handle events on their behalf in addition to our normal PR duties. Now totaling more than 500 events in 18 countries, we have managed press conferences, filmed motorsports documentaries, opened golf courses, hosted celebrity dinners, packaged TV series and run hundreds of press junkets.

PR WRITING: We offer a variety of writing services for our clients, including press releases, speeches, feature articles and documentary scripts. We have written television interviews for Nobel Laureate Bishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa, Lech Wałęsa. of Poland and John Hume of Ireland, speeches for the charitable organization University Kidney Disease Research Associates, feature articles for Cyprus Airways magazine and scripts for the Pacific Sports World documentary series.